30 months since launch

30 months since launch

SharingAlpha went live 30 month ago. At the time we were too busy getting the initial users on board and skipped the stage of sitting down and writing our goals. Now that we have gathered over 1,700 vetted members from 65 countries we decided to put them in writing. So here they are.

Sharing Insight on the Many not the Few

No single research team can cover the wide range of funds available; typically focussing their efforts on a limited number of funds, those with excellent track records and/or have become blockbuster or 'mega funds'. Consequently over 95% of the funds lack independent quantitative analysis and don't receive significant flows.

Using the power of the internet we are able to scale and offer forward-looking ratings on funds, from our community of professional fund investors, to share insight, to share alpha.

Recognising top fund allocators

We offer professional fund investors and analysts the chance of building a proven track record of their fund selection capabilities.
Until now, only fund managers of listed funds had the possibility of generating a public track record. Now, for the first time, those fund specialists that select fund managers have an equal chance of standing out, proving they add value and getting rewarded accordingly.

In addition, we offer two further ranking mechanisms. One is based on the performance of member virtual fund of funds; the other on the ranking of members’ commentary by other members. These additional rankings, together, with specific country rankings, offer our members excellent opportunities to exhibit their talent and receive recognition.

Obviously, the longer the track record, the more significant it becomes. We advise professional fund investors to start building their track record without delay.

Removing potential conflicts of interest

SharingAlpha’s model isn't based on charging fund managers for appearing on our platform. We offer the same chances to all fund managers be they large international firms or small local boutiques.

Furthermore, we empower buyers to take control of the distribution process, to decide which fund managers they want to hear from, better targeted leads through a process that is entirely independent from our fund rating methodology.