Active Management Strikes Back

Active Management Strikes Back

Being an active manager or selling one isn't an easy place to be nowadays.

Assets under management in passive vehicles are growing worldwide while the share invested actively is shrinking.

Even asset allocation decisions are recently moving towards a more model portfolio approach which almost doesn't leave room for active management.

Before everyone gives up on the active approach we decided to build SharingAlpha as a tool that allows talented active investment professionals the chance to stand out and receive the recognition they deserve.

SharingAlpha is a user generated fund ratings and asset allocation platform that rates funds based on the average rating provided by fund selectors worldwide.

Apart from being able to create a better fund rating, SharingAlpha is also able to rank the individual raters in terms of their talent in selecting funds.

Their fund selection track record enables the raters to test their analysis, and if they choose the raters are able to present their proven track record to existing and potential clients.

Based on the above, SharingAlpha is able to publish a list of both top rated funds and top ranked fund selectors.

An additional feature enables investment advisors to build virtual fund of funds and in turn SharingAlpha ranks them based on their performance not only as fund selectors but also as asset allocators.

Asset allocators are allowed to build their virtual fund of funds either by using actively managed funds or ETFs.

We have recently announced an asset allocation competition sponsored by the CAIA Association which is a great chance to start building a proven track record.

Our vision is to offer the investment community a better way to select funds that have a higher chance of betting their ETF alternative, and at the same time to offer asset allocators the option of building their own proven track record.

Join our growing community and prove that you have a true competitive edge in terms of both fund selection and asset allocation.

May the force be with you!