Encouraging transparency in the Fund Industry

Encouraging transparency in the Fund Industry

What if there was an internet site where Fund Selectors, Investment Advisors and end investors could share their opinions and insights regarding funds? What if that platform was open and free to use? Well, there is no need to use your imagination since such a tool already exists and it's called SharingAlpha.

SharingAlpha is a user generated fund ratings and model portfolios platform that has become the world’s largest fund rating agency in terms of the number of Fund Analysts contributing to its ratings.

SharingAlpha rates funds based on the average rating provided by Fund Selectors worldwide.

Apart from being able to create a better fund rating, SharingAlpha is also able to rank the individual raters in terms of their talent in selecting funds.

Their fund selection track record enables the raters to test their analysis, and if they choose the raters are able to present their proven track record to existing and potential clients.

Based on the above, SharingAlpha is able to publish a list of both top rated funds and top ranked Fund Selectors.

An additional feature enables Investment Advisors to build virtual Fund of Funds and in turn SharingAlpha ranks them based on their performance not only as Fund Selectors but also as Asset Allocators.

The use of the website is totally free and covers over 100k funds listed in 110 countries.

Our vision is to offer the investment community a better way to select winning funds and at the same time to offer Fund Selectors and Investment Advisors the option of building their own proven long term track record. It’s about time that funds are rated on the basis of parameters that have been proven to work and Fund Selectors and Investment Advisors will be judged according to their ability to add value to investors.

To sum up, here are 2 ways in which SharingAlpha is improving transparency in this very closed industry:

  • Funds: Fund providers who are trying to sell their product give you plenty of publicly accessible information but that is marketing material and definitely not neutral. Standard rating agencies give us a more neutral view of funds but with such a large number of funds most of their information is quantitative. Only on SharingAlpha can you find information that is qualitative taking into account parameters such as the latest impression a Fund Selector has on the Fund Managers motivation, or in other words, whether the Fund Manager is truly dedicated to achieving Alpha or are there any issues that are interfering in achieving that goal. This insight that is received through a wide network of market participants places more information at investors fingertips.

  • Advisors: All Fund Selectors and Investment Advisors claim that they have a way of helping investors either with selecting winning funds or with deciding on the best mix between them, however none of them are able to prove that it's worth while listening to them. SharingAlpha allows these market professionals to present a clear and measurable track record turning the task of selecting an Advisor to a much more transparent and clear process.

You are welcome to visit SharingAlpha in order to start enjoying the fruits of this revolutionary platform.