A free tool to gain and retain clients

A free tool to gain and retain clients

Apart from changing the way mutual funds are rated, I would like to introduce another aspect that will make SharingAlpha unique.

Unlike other crowd sourced rating tools, SharingAlpha will also be able to evaluate the raters and their ability in selecting winning funds.

We can do this because we will be able to follow ratings given by Investment Advisors and compare them with the actual performance of the funds.

We have submitted a patent on this unique and powerful feature.

Now Investment Advisors and Fund Selectors will be able to create their own proven track record in selecting winning funds. Presenting this track record will assist them in retaining and gathering clients.

This has become even more crucial since the recent changes in regulation requiring investors to pay for investment advice. Justifying the added value created by using a talented Investment Advisor has become a struggle and a proven track record will be extremely helpful in that regard.

Building your track record as an Investment Advisor will be at no cost and will always stay free.

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