How to become rich in one word?

How to become rich in one word?

The word I chose is collaboration.

Although the founder of Wikipedia decided to go for a non profit organization, if he would have decided otherwise there is no doubt that his venture, that is enirly based on collaboration, would have turned him into a multi-billionaire. Have a look at this fascinating TED talk in which Jimmy Wales describes back in 2006 the birth of Wikipedia.

If you are looking for more recent examples, you are welcome to watch two recent TED talks from the founders of UBER and AIRBNB - they certainly became rich thanks to collaboration.

To get a better perspective on how fast the power of collaboration is changing our world , I highly recommend watching both the TED talk by Howard Rheingold back in 2005 and the one by Luis von Ahn from 2011 on the same topic.

SharingAlpha will bring the power of collaboration to the Asset Management universe. We hope you collaborate!