How word of mouth generated a FT article

How word of mouth generated a FT article

It has been two months since I wrote a post about the long road ahead of a FinTech startup and it seems such a long time ago.

We have been busy connecting with people who we think will be interested in our FinTech proposal. They have found our plans for SharingAlpha very interesting. However, The most intriguing phenomenon that we have encountered is that of 'word of mouth'.

Many of the people we contacted directly have become followers of our LinkedIn page. When they do so this shows up on some of their connections LinkedIn feed. Some of them then click through and voilà - 'word of mouth'.

An example of how 'word of mouth' worked as a welcome surprise for us is the recent article published about us in the FT.

We did not contact Dave Baxter, he contacted us after spotting one of our posts in LinkedIn.

Another effect of 'word of mouth' has brought about us being invited to speak at the FundForm 2016 to be held in Berlin this summer .

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