The unique benefits of joining SharingAlpha

The unique benefits of joining SharingAlpha

SharingAlpha offers a range of unique and significant benefits to its growing community of professional fund buyers:

  1. As a Community member you can build your own proven track record in terms of your fund selection capabilities. By rating a number of funds in terms of their chances of creating alpha in the future and later comparing their predictions with the actual performance of the funds we can build a performance record for each of our members. This can help you better evaluate your selection methodology and give you an independent performance gauge for presenting to prospective clients and employers.

  2. You are able to build your personal track record in terms of your asset allocation capabilities by creating a virtual fund of funds which is later measured in terms of its performance relative to your peers. Allocators that have achieved a top ranking in terms of their funds return minus maximum drawdown receive a higher asset allocation track score.

  3. SharingAlpha offers unique tools to enable professional fund buyers the possibility of researching funds they are already following or discover new funds that the community has spotted and highly rated. Our fund screener enables filtering by different investment categories and if you would like to get more information from the providers you can do this directly from our platform without giving out your email.

  4. Active members are also able to see who has rated the different funds and search for top ranked members in 55 different countries. If you wish, you can contact your peers, turning SharingAlpha to a truly 2.0 experience. Members can create new professional relationships by assisting their fellow members improve their investment decisions.

The usage of the platform is free and member's public profile is solely determined by you, hence, there is no downside for our community members.

If you are a professional fund buyer we recommend starting your track record as soon as possible as a long term track record will become a valuable asset to hold!