What do Investment Advisors and Fund Selectors have in common?

What do Investment Advisors and Fund Selectors have in common?

Both have no independently proven track record to present to prospective and existing clients.

This lack of track record has lead many clients to chose cheaper solutions that are known as Robo-Advisors.

SharingAlpha offers to combat the Robo alternative by offering investors a way to select Investment Advisers or Fund Selectors that have been proven to add real value.

A Proven Track Record

SharingAlpha ranks the individual raters in terms of their talent in selecting funds.

Their fund selection track record enables the raters to test their analysis, and if they choose, the raters are able to present their proven track record to existing and potential clients or receive better pay as an employed fund selector.

We have taken into account that putting your professional ability online for everyone to see can be risky. For that reason we have put in place a policy that enables our users to remain anonymous.

However, we believe that once you build a successful track record, you will probably be interested in showing your performance and at that stage you will probably decide that sharing your identity publicly is beneficial.

Therefore, Investment Adviser or Fund Selector can either:

  1. Start rating, be successful and have a competitive advantage.

  2. Start rating and constantly improve until you are successful.

  3. Do nothing.

Obviously doing nothing is very risky. Imagine two years down the line and many of your co-workers or competitors have created a proven track record. They can be compared while you can't even enter the playing field.

Go ahead and start building your proven track record on SharingAlpha - TODAY!