Who is rating funds?

Who is rating funds?

SharingAlpha, the largest fund rating firm in the world doesn't employ Fund Analysts. Instead the ratings are contributed by a large group of raters that come from a wide verity of different locations and firms.

Looking at a sample of our users LinkedIn profiles we are able to share with you the following information.

In the map above we marked the countries from which we have gathered ratings so far (32 in total).

In addition, here are a lists of their job titles and employers:

Fund Selectors, Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers, Portfolio Managers, Private Bankers, Fund of Fund Managers, Fund Research, Fund Analysts


Morningstar, Lipper, Square Mile, Fund Caliber, Citywire, SG, Citi, FE, Deutsche Bank, UBS, BNP, Morgan Stanley, GS Wealth, JP Morgan, LVW Advisors, Rating Evidence, Lowes Financial, Banca di Credito Popolare, RCM Wealth, Risparmio&Previdenza, Abacus Wealth, Novastone Capital, OP Wealth, Willis Towers Watson, Investmentz, RBC Dominion, GLS Bank, Libra Financial,  Market Realist, Banca March, Nordicus Capital, Blue Rock Capital, 3DAdvisors, Moody Capital, Clarity Capital, Laboral Kutxa, BBVA, FundsPeople, Zurich Insurance, Banco Desio, Soprarno, Eurovida, Fuller Research, Consulnor, Sagium, Redington,  Caradon, Capital, TD Wealth, Informa Investment Solutions, AZ Andes, Probus Compagnie, SmartMoneyMatch, Zenit, National Bank Financial, Pictet, Julius Baer, TIAA-CREF, PAM, FinWire, Flexible Plan Investments, Green Grass Wealth, BCGE, BPI Asset Management, Agenda Invest, HSBC, WealthmetRisk, OCEA Gestion, Edward Jones, Fishtank Solutions, CS, Lovewell Blake Financial,  Way2Wealth, Sun Life Financial, AllFunds Bank, Fitch Ratings.

We strongly believe that this diverse and professional group will be able to assist investors in improving fund selection.

In return our users are finally able to build a proven track record in terms of their fund selection capabilities. Since a long term track record is obviously more significant so starting early is very important.

Go ahead and join them!